The Wroxham School is an academy but our admissions are administered by Hertfordshire Local Authority. If you have any social or medical reasons to support your application please inform us.

View or download our Determined Admissions Arrangements. Further information about the admissions process is available from the Hertfordshire Customer Service Centre 0300 123 4043

Nursery Admissions

Admissions 2021

Nursery Admissions 2021 – Schools now manage the admissions process. Please see our Nursery Admissions Web Page on the link below:

Wroxham Nursery Admissions (Please click on link) 

Application Form (click to download)

Please email your completed form to Kelly Pickard -

Applications for September 2021 can be made between 1st February and 12th March 2021.  


Offers will be made in the week beginning 15th March 2021.  Parents will have until 29th March 2021 to accept or reject the offer. 

Reception Admissions

Admissions 2021

Reception Admissions 2021 – please apply online at


Below are the key dates for applying for a Reception Place for 2021

2nd November 2020    Apply Online: Online Application system opens for parents to apply                                      for a school place online.

15th January 2021       Deadline to apply for a school place

16th April 2021           National allocation of places day: Parents will be emailed                                                   their school place allocated

                                      (if you applied online and confirmed your email address). 

30th April 2021            Accept place by: Online applicants must accept the place online.                                         Paper applicants should return their response form to the Admissions                                       Team.

Appeals timetable

If your child is entering Reception and you wish to provide us with any supplementary information to support your application, please fill out the following printable form and send to us; Admission to the Reception: Supplementary Information Form 2021-22

We welcome visits from prospective parents and children. Please phone the office 01707 643576 to arrange a school tour.

Please see our ADMISSION ARRANGEMENTS for the academic year 2022/23 - click here

Any other information

Admissions 2021

School Prospectus

You can view our latest school prospectus by clicking on the following link – 

The Wroxham School Prospectus 2020-21


Should your application be unsuccessful you have the right to appeal. Here is the 

School Admission Appeals Timetable for 2021 for further information and dates.

Admission appeals during COVID-19

Temporary regulations came into force in April 2020 to amend the School Admission Appeal Regulations 2012, to help admission authorities carry out appeals during the pandemic.

These temporary regulations will now remain in force until 30 September 2021 (the date was extended from 31 January 2021).

The key changes in place until 30 September include:

  • Flexibility with panel hearings - when it's not safe to meet face-to-face (in line with government guidance), hearings can take place remotely by telephone or video conference, or through a paper-based appeal where all parties can make representations in writing

  • Amendments to deadlines - appellants must now be:

    • given at least 28 calendar days’ written notice of a deadline for lodging an appeal

    • given at least 14 calendar days’ written notice of an appeal hearing (although appellants can waive their right to this in writing)

    • sent a decision letter within 7 calendar days of the hearing (or in the case of written submissions only, within 7 calendar days of the appeal panel making a decision), wherever possible

  • Relaxation of rules around panel member numbers - if 1 of the 3 panel members withdraws (temporarily or permanently), the panel can continue with and conclude the appeal as a panel of 2