6th March 2020 learning Note

This week… year five have continued their excellent attitude towards learning, and it’s been a great start to the term. In English, the children have worked on comprehension and analysed a text to work out the meaning of words and phrases using contextual knowledge. They identified points in a text which support inference questions, and written sentences which combine the skills needed to answer questions. In addition to this has been World Book Day, where the children are working on producing their own book. The children have taken a well known Traditional Tale and written from the viewpoint of one of the characters. In maths, we have now moved onto decimals and the class have learnt the place value of a decimal number by partitioning a decimal number into tenths, hundredths and thousands, and writing it in words to enrich understanding. In Magic Ten we are focusing on problem solving and learning how to identify the maths, the algorithms needed and the steps needed to solve the problem. We will continue to count in multiples – forwards and backwards and from any multiple as our maths warm-up. Friday afternoons are now ‘mini police’ where the children will learn all about the role of the police and the local community. Last week the session focused on criminal behaviour and the effects it has on the local community. The children shared some great stories. The children independently read for 20 minutes after lunch. It would be very helpful if children were reminded to bring in their reading record and book daily.


We will continue to learn year five spellings as part of our SPAG lessons, with a particular focus on pronunciation and applying spelling rules. The children will also be completing short handwriting tasks as part of their spelling activities.













Times Tables

Times tables will continue being taught through maths and morning activities, where the children will have time to practise their times tables using TTRockstars.

Next week … In English, we be revisiting editing our work to identify punctuation, spellings and grammar mistakes. The class will also start to prepare writing their diaries by orally retelling the diary entry and writing it into paragraphs using the plans they created before half term. There will be a particular focus on using commas correctly in complex sentences and writing lists. In maths, we are working on decimal fractions, ordering decimals and rounding decimals. Our topic will continue identifying earthquakes around the world, and looking at our planet structure to understand the causes of earthquakes.

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms Kachwalla & Ms Brown

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