A busy week already

I thought I would share some midweek photos from a variety of learning so far. We obviously don't have all of our classes in just now, which is sad, but it is nice to keep up with what people are doing at home through Google Classroom and Twitter. We look forward to welcoming Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 4 back very soon - as well as Mr Owers 😊

These two photos really made me smile, as the children have been inspired to create their own writing and illustrations, as a result of reading a book by a published author - the power of books is amazing!

Carrying on with the writing theme - it is great when Nursery children start to experiment with writing in all of the areas around the classroom and even outside!

Paper Dolls has obviously captured the imagination of the children in Reception this week 😊

All of the classes are working on Anti-Bulling Week - with some great conversations and activities. I loved this idea from Year 3 and it seemed to go down really well.

Year 4 have been very busy 😊 It is lovely to maintain that link during this unusual time.

Amazing illustrations and non-fiction content from Year 1 in the photo above - great language 😊

Keep letting us know what you are getting up to and we will continue to share with the whole school community. Take care, Mr B

P.S - here is a challenge that I have shared with Year 4 - can anyone else rise to it?

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