An amazing story from one of our Year 4 children!

By Mia WILLIAMS (Y4) 23/4/2020


It’s five o’clock in the morning and I’m colder than ever!

I went to sleep with all my windows shut, the doors where closed, and the radiators on. How could my bedroom be this cold?

My toes are cold, my head is cold, my tummy is cold, my legs are cold, my nose is cold. Even my ears! My whole body from head to toe was nothing else but…COLD!

I was absolutely, 100% FREEZING!!

Wait a second, is that… do I feel leaves on me!?


Well at least I think I’m in my room. It’s so dark I can’t see a thing! All I know is that I can feel something cold and damp all over my body.

But of course I’m in my room! How could I not be in my room.

Oh stop being stupid! I should just open my eyes and I’ll see that I’m safe and sound in my bed. Right?

Umm…Am I dreaming? I’ve opened my eyes and what can I see?

A tree! A MASSIVE tree is standing right in front of my eyes!

I start to call.

“Mum, Dad”

No answer. I call again. Louder this time.


Still no answer! I’m starting to get worried…so I think I’ll call one last time.

“Mum, Dad?”

Honestly, where are they?!

But most importantly, where am I?

I try to get up. Birds are tweeting. Weird birds, that I’ve never seen before.

Then suddenly, “GRRRRR!”

What was that? That was not a sound I’ve heard before.

What should I do? Run?

Yes. I think I’ll do that. I think I’ll run for it.




I can hear the sound getting closer…and closer…still closer. The threat takes control of my body. I’ve never ran this fast!

I don’t know what this sound is. All I know is that it isn’t any floorboard creaking!

I’ve never felt this frightened!

Yet the sound is still getting closer!

My eyes are watering. My legs are weak and yet the sound is still getting closer!

My eyes are crying. My brain is spinning and yet the sound gets closer!

My legs are tired. My hands are cold and yet the sound get closer!

My heart is thumping so much I don’t know if it’s still in my body!

Am I in danger?

The sound feels so real! How can this possibly be a dream?


The sound is so loud I feel like it’s right next to me!

I jerk my head round and in fact…IT IS RIGHT NEXT TO ME!

Well I think it is.

I can now see that the leaves are so long and tall so I’m not too sure if it is or not.

All I can see is a bit of messed up orange and black ruffled fur!


I’m paralised with fear!

I don’t feel like I can move (even though I am moving).

This surely must be a dream! Why would I be getting chased by a big fat roaring creature?

I have an idea! I’ll stop! I’ll let him eat me! Then I’ll wake up!


I’m stopping.

It’s coming closer! What is it? Wait a second…It’s a…it can’t be a…uh oh…TIGER ALERT!

I think I’ll go back to running!





I can’t! If I want to wake up there is only one way! I need to let it eat me!

But what if this isn’t a dream.

But it is.

Okay fine I’ll stop!

I’ll close my eyes as well! NOW!

I’m waiting for the feeling. It is not coming. Or maybe it has. I don’t really know what getting eaten feels like. Actually, maybe I’m in my bed! Maybe I’ve woken up! I must have!

I’ll open my eyes.

Oh? I’m not in my bed. And the tiger is still there. But he is not running. He has stopped. He is standing right next to me.

His face right in mine.

His eyes a glinting green colour.

I start to back away.

He follows me. I watch each of his paws as they slowly press against the ground making a little padding sound. His mouth turns into some sort of smile. He gets faster as he comes to me.

I stop.

Suddenly he changes direction from my body, to my hand.

He twitches his nose and comes closer.

My hand shivering with fright!

Then, when he is so close, he pokes his big black nose straight into my palm.

Hesitating a little, I slowly reach out at his big, fury beautiful head and stroke him gently. My hand starting from his head, and going all the way down to the end of his fluffy back.

By Mia Williams

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