End of a busy week

I hope you are looking forward to a bit less rain this weekend. The children and staff have been working really hard this week.

Our Year 2 children had been looking into plastic pollution and had read 'Clean Up' by Nathan Byron - here is a link to the story

They were so passionate about the fact that they wanted to help the world and the environment. This led on to the children writing letters to myself and Mr Owers, asking to invest in some recycling bins. I wrote back to the children, as did a number of our Governors. I then placed the order for the recycling bins and asked the Year 2 children to prepare an assembly for the rest of the school. Today we met in the hall with Year 2 and the rest of the school Zoomed in to hear from our Eco Warriors. Year 2 put on a great assembly, full of facts and information and then took the new bins around to each of the year groups throughout school.

We are very proud of the children 😊

This week we also ran some training for all of our staff in the school - looking at what Learning without Limits means for us as a school. It was great to have everyone working on the same thing and keep your eyes peeled for activities happening all around the school, not just in classrooms.

We will be releasing an online session for parents in the not too distant future - hopefully it will help explain a lot of the things we do at school.

As soon as the weather allows, we are going to be giving the bus a new paint job. Initially we will need some willing volunteers to give the bus a base coat, ready for the artwork to be painted on. We have a nice idea to involve all of the school community in the design that will cover the bus - so, watch this space!

I hope you have a great weekend and we will see you next week for the last week of half term.

Take care, Mr B

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