Friday 13th March 2020

This week… year five have had a great week where they have applied themselves in all areas of learning. In Topic, the children completed their work on earthquakes by drawing and labelling the earth’s crust and writing facts about the earth’s crust. The children have also extended World Book Day by publishing their stories in their own book. The stories are amazing and will be displayed in class. We also had our second lesson on pollution and the children are in the process of making posters in preparation for the whole school assembly. In English, the children edited a diary entry for punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes. They gave oral recitations of their diary entry using their plans. In maths, the children are continuing to rote count in multiples but without any visual supports. Magic Ten is focusing on problem solving and how to read and recognise the maths needed to solve the problem. We have continued working on decimals and have moved onto decimal fractions- converting them from one to the other and ordering decimals from highest to lowest and vice versa. The children independently read for 20 minutes after lunch. It would be very helpful if children could bring in their reading records on Thursday, so I can assess their reading.

This week we have been reading:

· Holes


We will continue to learn year five spellings as part of our SPAG lessons, with a particular focus on pronunciation and applying spelling rules. Dictation with a few of the spellings will help your child understand the meaning of the word.

Times Tables

Times tables will continue being taught through maths and morning activities, where the children will have time to practise their times tables using TTRockstars.

Next week … In English, the children will complete their diary entries. They will focus on punctuation, grammar and using commas in complex and compound sentences. They will also assess their own and each other’s work against a given criteria. They will evaluate their work against year five writing expectations and set themselves targets for their next piece of writing. In maths, the children will rounding decimals to a whole number; understanding per cent as a number of parts per hundred and understanding the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. There will not be a Forest School sessions as this has now been replaced by swimming.

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms Kachwalla & Year Five Team

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