Friday 20th March 2020

This week… year five have battled on in their learning, despite the imminent threat of school closure. In English, the children wrote their diaries using their plans. The children wrote the final draft into their books, and there was an expectation for the children to spell words correctly, check their sentences for grammar mistakes and extend sentences with details of events, character and objects. The class also self- assessed their work where they identified key words and compound and complex sentences. They also marked the success of their writing against a criteria, and set a writing target for their next piece of work. In maths, the children are continuing to rote count in multiples but without any visual supports. Magic Ten is focusing on problem solving and how to read and recognise the maths needed to solve the problem. We completed ordering decimals and have rounded decimals to the nearest whole number in pounds, kilograms and metres.

This week we have been watching:



We will continue to learn year five spellings as part of our SPAG lessons, with a particular focus on pronunciation and applying spelling rules. Dictation with a few of the spellings will help your child understand the meaning of the word.

Times Tables

Times tables will continue being taught through maths and morning activities, where the children will have time to practise their times tables using TTRockstars.

Next week …

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms Kachwalla & Year Five Team

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