Friday 21st February 2020

This week… year five have made great progress in all areas of learning. In Topic, the children learnt about different natural disasters, and thought about the effect they have on communities and the environment. They researched where the natural disaster was most likely to occur in the world, and presented their work in a prepared table. They used their natural artistic talents to draw the disaster as part of their presentation. The end result was an excellent piece of work which demonstrated their learning- well done. In English, the children have started to prepare for their next big writing task, by planning the events for a diary entry. The children extracted from the original story the key ideas and created a plan in preparation for writing. The children also had a comprehension task to demonstrate their understanding of answering literal and inference questions. In maths, the children are continuing to count in multiples forwards and backwards with a lot more fluency. They have completed generating division number facts from the times tables. The children have applied an algorithm to turning a mixed number fraction into an improper fraction and completed different challenges to deepen their understanding. The children independently read for 20 minutes after lunch. It would be very helpful if children were reminded to bring in their reading record and book daily.

This week we have been reading:

· Holes


We will continue to learn year five spellings as part of our SPAG lessons, with a particular focus on pronunciation and applying spelling rules. Dictation with a few of the spellings will help your child understand the meaning of the word.

Times Tables

Times tables will continue being taught through maths and morning activities, where the children will have time to practise their times tables using TTRockstars.

Next week … In English, we be focusing on identifying the features of a diary using an example of a diary entry. The children will be focusing on comprehension and examining the vocabulary and phrases used in a text. The children will then use contextual knowledge to work out the meaning. In addition to this, the children will also be finding evidence in the text to support inference questions. In maths, we are concentrating on number sequences and applying our method of turning an improper fraction into a mixed number to continue the sequence. The children will also be starting a slightly different topic in Magic Ten, where they will be learning about patterns in numbers. Our topic will focus on earthquakes this week. There will not be a Forest School sessions as this has now been replaced by swimming.

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms Kachwalla & Ms Brown

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