Plastic Pollution Project

This term our topic was underwater worlds. We started reading a book called 'Clean Up' by Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola. We loved the book but were saddened to see a picture of a turtle caught up in plastic rubbish. As a class, we decided that there was more we could do to help the problem of plastic pollution. We worked together to think of all the different things we could do to help and came up with some great ideas. We thought about starting clean up clubs, reusing our rubbish and turning it into other things and recycling our rubbish using recycling bins.

We decided that we wanted to try to start helping by recycling rubbish at school. We realised there were so many things we use and eat that can be recycled but we would not be able to without special recycling bins so we planned to write a letter to Mr Billings and Mr Owers.

In our letters, we explained the problem of plastic pollution. We had done lots of research to find out facts about pollution which we included in our letters. We knew these letters were important so we worked really hard and produced amazing letters that were beautifully presented.

Soon after we delivered our letters, we started receiving responses from teachers and Governors. We even received some beautiful reusable bags from one of our parent governors to help support us using less plastic. They all agreed that the topic of pollution was important and that our letters had inspired other people to try harder to help the environment however we weren't aware that Mr Billing and Mr Owers had read our letters and straight away organised recycling bins for every class and all the areas of the school.

Last Friday, we were invited to a special assembly and there were our bins! We spoke to all the other classes on zoom explaining about our project and how the bins can be used. We are delighted with our work so far and we will keep going to try and help make the environment a cleaner, happier and healthier place!

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