Some links to start you off!

So, I will aim to add in great links on here when I find them. These are just to direct you, it is not an expectation that you need to do these with your children.

Some of the links might actually be ideas that I have seen other families do - the first one I am going to start with is pebble painting! I intend to make some of my own this afternoon with my daughter, however, I love these ones made by one of our families.

Painted stones

In regards to directing you to links - here are a few to get your started: The BBC are busy making resources for the coming weeks. This is a National Initiative - where the government have brought together a number of teachers and leaders to produce an online resource for teachers and parents.

Finally today - please check out Iain Green -

He is an amazing photographer and has some lovely ideas for outdoor learning 😊

Take care and stay safe 👍

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