The end of a soggy week.

I hope that you are all looking forward to the weekend and being able to hug as of next week 😊

I will start this post with a little ask of our school community.

This is an aerial view of outside school. Where the words 'here' are placed are areas that I have watched some of the most scary and dangerous driving behaviour over the last week.

I have no remit to tell you what to do on the main road, where the children cross each day, however, as many of you will have seen - I have been putting barriers on our driveway, to try and convince people to not swing in and let their children out.

It got so bad that at some points this week I actually put the barriers on the crossing - again, to try and make people aware of how dangerous it is to park there. It was only a week ago that one of our children was nearly hit, when a parent reversed over that area.

As I have already said, I cannot stop you from parking here, pulling up on and over pavements, blocking driveways and any other number of dangerous activities - however, I am going to ask for your help in trying to think about what it would actually be like if you had to deal with the fact that a Wroxham child was injured due to some of these actions. I can see that there is overwhelming support, as the vast majority of parents who have spoken to me completely get it and park a few minutes away to make the start and end to their day considerably more relaxing + safer.

On a lighter note - the children have been amazing this week - with my personal highlight being a set of letters I received from Year 2. They have been investigating plastic pollution and wrote very persuasive letters asking for recycling bins around school. I am running an assembly with them next week, where we will Zoom into all of the other classrooms - keep an eye on Twitter for some exciting news.

Enjoy these photos and I hope you all have a great weekend! Mr B

P.S The Bus will be having a repaint over the coming weeks - please get in touch if you have any time to help - we would really appreciate it!

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