The end of another week 😊

I thought I would share some of the amazing learning the children have been completing this week.

Watching Reception retell their story to the children in Year 2 was an absolute joy! They were so excited to share it with them, which is something we are trying to do as much as possible across the school.

We managed to do our Remembrance assembly this week, involving the children from Year 1 through to Year 6.

Our Year 6 children have been flying with #wroxhamreading - they have completed book reviews as well as reading a story for some of the younger children - have a look on Google Classroom for Supertato!

Year 4 managed to get out and about to toast marshmallows, as well as making twig flowerpots 😊

The self portraits in Reception were great - such concentration!

Finally, I was really impressed with Year 3. They concentrated so hard to make their milk bottle mammoths.

Have a great weekend and remember to nominate anyone else you think would like to receive a card from our children -

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