This week's learning note- Friday 7th Feb

This week…

I hope that you enjoyed your Art day with Mrs Munn, dedicated to learning about the 7 elements of art and then focusing particularly on the use of shade. You also applied your painting skills in science, preparing your shadow theatres. In English, we used our WW2 evacuation diary entries, to write letters home to Mother. We also applied our writing skills to take notes during a discussion about rationing during WW2 and then we wrote these up as a fact sheet. In maths, you have all worked hard to understand a range of ways to represent problems involving division with remainders. We finished off the week by sharing poems- I hope you have watched the ones I tweeted.


Next Friday, we will have the second poetry-sharing session, so if you haven’t yet done this, please rehearse at home over the weekend. Remember to take your reading record home with you each day, so that your parents can sign it if they hear or see you reading. Also, please keep making a note of any words you don’t know the meaning of, in your reading records, ready for our Dictionary Detectives session on Friday. My favourite word this week was:

Frolic- to run around in a lively way. This week we have been reading:

· The diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank


Here are the spellings that we have been practising this week. Please continue to practise them at home, ready for the spelling test on Monday:






Times Tables

We have begun to look at the 7 x tables in Magic Ten; so try to practise singing these at home Remember that your homework is to practise whichever tables you need to focus on, either writing them out or using or if you prefer not to be timed.

Next week… Having learned about rationing this week, we are going to have a go at cooking a WW2 recipe on Tuesday. We will also learn about The Blitz and will be writing some more diary entries. In maths, we are going to be multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000. Our Forest School session will begin in the Celtic Hut, where Mrs Munn will share some stories with you.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Barker, Mrs Munn, Mrs Bramley and Mrs Trounce

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