Where does the time go?

I hope everyone is hanging on in there, as this term seems to be flying past a million miles per hour!

Our Year 6 Garden Team have bee working so hard during their lunchtime sessions. You can already see the difference between last week and this!

I'm not sure how long we will get weather like we have had so far - but I am sure they will still enjoy the mud!

We have also seen our Year 2 children start to film their nature documentary - they are so excited!

Keep an eye out for the next generation of documentary makers.

Our Journals have been proving really popular - the children are enjoying reflecting on their learning from the week and have some great ideas on how to represent what they have covered.

#WroxhamReading is in full flow - lots of video book reviews being filmed and amazing posters being created!

Year 6 have been working really hard since their return - we are very proud of their achievements so far - keep going 😊

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