Y6 Learning Note - 14/02/2020

This week…

In English we have continued to learn about ‘PEEL’ persuasive paragraphs as part of unit of writing persuasive letters to appear the Judge’s sentencing of Stanley in ‘Holes’. In maths, there has been our usual arithmetic and reasoning lessons alongside our focus on finding the area and perimeter of parallelograms, triangles and compound shapes. The children also completed their Mexican food challenge this week – popping up to Tesco to buy their ingredients and then following their recipes to make their traditional dishes.

Next week…

Next week is half term! Please have a really relaxing and enjoyable break as next term will be very busy as we prepare for SATS after Easter.

After half term we will begin a six week unit of work in English based around “The London Eye Mystery” –this will be used every day in class and will also be our class book.

Library visits

These will be changing a little bit after half term. We’ll be running the trips once every three weeks (dates to follow), and we’ll only be taking children who want to visit the Library as it seems that a few children are no longer worried about going as regularly as we have been.


As usual, I will have the CGP books over the weekend/half-term. The following homework is to be completed when the children return to school (their books will be given back to them on the Monday that they return to school).

Maths targeted Question Book:

Due Tuesday: Page 34

Due Wednesday: Page 35

Due Thursday: Page 48

Due Friday: Page 50

Spellings homework is due on Friday, paper copies of this have been sent home with the children.

Additionally, please ensure that your child continues to read regularly at home and to practise their Times Tables. They may like to use www.ttrockstars.com or http://www.learnyourtables.co.uk.


We are actively promoting reading for pleasure this year and would like the children to take the opportunity to read as much as possible. Research suggests that there is just as much to be gained from parents reading to children as there is from having children read to adults. So, if you get the chance to, then please try to read as a family. Please write in your child’s reading record too.

This week we have been reading:

· Holes by Louis Sachar (class book)

· The Boy who sailed the Ocean in an Armchair by Lara Williamson (class book - Mrs Bridges)

· Drive in Cinema (as part of our reading comprehension work)

Have a great break,

Mr Ritson and the Year Six team.






















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