Year 1 Learning Note 6.3.20

This week… In English, we looked at a new book. Before we could begin reading we had to explore lots of different items from a story sack. After each item we guessed what the book might be about and why we thought this. Eventually, after all the clues were revealed, we got to see the book and read the first few pages. We looked at a picture of the black rock and spoke about the best adjectives we would use to describe the rock. We thought really carefully about what words would best suit the picture as it was quite spooky and mysterious. We then put all our adjectives that we had collected together and wrote our own poems!

In maths, we were learning about length and height. We did lots of comparing and measuring using cubes. We then took our maths learning outside and used rulers, tape measures and meter sticks to measure much larger items like our new play equipment.

This week was also World Book Day. We had a lovely day reading and exploring a new book and made fantastic pictures linked to the story. Exploring new books continued today when we got to meet an author who read us his very own book ‘The Selfish Crocodile’.

Spelling & Homework

Over the next few weeks we will be ensuring we know our high frequency words so we are confident when writing. Please learn these spellings for next week.

- had -when -what -there - were

Please keep reading regularly at home and practise your Times Tables.

This week we have been reading:

The Far Away Tree by Enid Blyton

The Secret of Black Rock – English Text

Blown Away – World Book Day Book

Next week… In English, we will be continuing with the story of the Black Rock. We will learn lots about the main character Erin and act out different parts of the story to help us with our writing. In maths we will continue to learn about height and length before moving onto to learning about weight and capacity. In Science next week, we will continue to learn about the weather and the seasons focusing on Spring.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Equere and the Year 1 team.

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