Year 2 Learning Note 13.3.20

This week… In English, we wrote our diary entries. They were truly amazing. We included lots of things in our writing like noun phrases, similes and conjunctions. We also learned a lot about contractions and how and when to use them in our writing. In maths, we continued our work on fractions. We learned how to recognise quarters and thirds and then work out fractions of numbers. We know that the bottom number tells me how many ‘bellies’ I need to share my sweets between.

During topic lessons we continued our hard work learning about continents, we put the information we have learned into a fact booklet we even added pictures of things we have learned about each continent. In art, we had an amazing time using clay again. This week our focus was on using tools to carve. Make sure to look at our blog post to see our amazing work. We then had another opportunity, during forest school, to manipulate mud in a similar way to when we used clay to make mud faces! They were super fun to make and everyone enjoyed getting outside and getting a bid muddy.

Spelling & Homework

Please learn these contractions to help you with your English writing.

- can’t -didn’t -won’t -couldn’t -wouldn’t

Please keep reading regularly at home and practise your Times Tables. You may like to use or

Please keep reading at home and bring in your reading record in daily.

This week we have been reading:

· Matilda (Our voted for class book for next week- if you have a copy please feel free to bring in and read along with us)

· The Secret of Black Rock – Our English text.


This term in science we will be learning about plants and will be learning how to grow and care for plants. If anyone had any pots, soil or seeds to donate we would happy to receive them to help us along with our topic.

Next week… In English, we will learn how to write letters inviting some special people to a special event! More will be revealed next week. In maths, we will have one final lesson to consolidate fractions and then will move onto to learning about measure. In art, we will have two lessons on clay and will hopefully get to create our sculptures based on Jason deCaries Taylor’s work. This will give us enough time to varnish our work, protecting it from water, so we can submerge our work and learn how to photograph our sculptures.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kenney and the Year 2 team.

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