Year 2 Learning Note 28.02.20

This week… A wonderful, busy first week back after half term. In English, we have started reading our new book ‘The Secret of Black Rock’. After looking at the image of the ‘secret’ rock we learned about similes and turned our ideas into a free verse poem. In maths, we started learning about division. We started the week by practically moving sharing and grouping objects and have now moved on to dividing by 2, 5 and 10, using our multiplication knowledge to help us.

Our topic ‘Underwater Worlds’ began this week with us looking at the 7 continents and listening to a fun song to help us remember. We also looked at the work of Jason deCaires Taylor and discussed what we liked about his work and how we can use his work as inspiration for our own sculptures. We have also introduced the ‘Zones of Regulation’ in our classroom which helps us understand how we are feeling and what we can do to make ourselves feel calm and happy again if something has upset, worried or annoyed us. They are linked to the characters from the Inside Out the film which makes them easier for us to remember.

Spelling & Homework

Over the next few weeks we will be ensuring we know our high frequency words so we are confident when writing. Please learn these spellings for next week.

- looked -their -could -should

Please keep reading regularly at home and practise your Times Tables. You may like to use or

This week we have been reading:

· Matilda (Our voted for class book for next week- if you have a copy please feel free to bring in and read along with us)

· The Secret of Black Rock – Our English text.


This term in science we will be learning about plants and will be learning how to grow and care for plants. If anyone had any pots, soil or seeds to donate we would happy to receive them to help us along with our topic.

Next week… After learning about division this week we will begin to learning about fractions. We will begin by practically halving and quartering food items, which will hopefully help us remember and keep our stomachs happy. In English, we will be continuing work on our class story and will learn how to write a setting description that paints a picture in the reader’s mind.

In Geography next week we will be learning more about each continent and presenting the information we have found to the rest of the class. In art, we will be learning how to manipulate clay using our hands and other tools.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kenney and the Year 2 team.

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