Year 3 Learning Note

This week… we had a super World Book Day – have a look on the blog for photos. In English, we have been recapping when to use a capital letter as well as completing some activities based on our World Book Day story. In maths, we have been busy practising how to set out column addition algorithms. In French, we began to learn the names for pets. In art, we created some stencilled images based on the work of Banksy.

Reading for pleasure is very important and we would like you to take the opportunity to read whenever you can. Remember to get you parents to sign your reading records if they hear or see you reading.

This week we have been reading:

· The illustrated Tales of King Arthur (class book)

· The Tin Forest

· Even Stevens (on Michael Rosen’s website)


We will be practising the following spellings next week, focussing on words with prefixes.We will test you next Friday.

1. autobiography

2. autograph

3. autopilot

4. superman

5. supernatural

6. superficial

Times Tables

Times tables have already been sent home in your reading records. Keep practising using TTRockstars too! In class, we will be focussing on the eleven times tables.

Next week … In English, we will be having a quick look at direct speech punctuation and then we will focus on informal letter writing. In maths, we will be building our column addition skills by beginning to look at how to cope with numbers where the sum bridges the tens or hundreds column. In art, we will be doing an activity based on the artist Gillian Ayres.

In science, we have finished building our lighthouses and we would like to invite parents and families into class at 3pm next Wednesday (11th March) to see the finished items.

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Easey, Mrs Kilpatrick and Miss Sparks

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