Year 3 Learning Note

20th March 2020

This week… we have written looked at the structure of formal letters and also looked again at direct speech in English.

Reading for pleasure is very important and we would like you to take the opportunity to read whenever you can. Remember to get you parents to sign your reading records if they hear or see you reading.

This week we have been reading:

· The illustrated Tales of King Arthur (class book)


We will be practising the following spellings next week (through Google Classrooms), focusing on homophones.

fair fare

hear here

meet meat

knot not

Times Tables

Times tables have already been sent home in your reading records. Keep practising using TTRockstars too! We will be focusing again on the twelve times tables next week.

Next week … our learning activities will be posted on Google Classrooms. Information on how to access this is contained in the email sent out earlier today. This will be a mixture of online and paper based activities.

Miss Sparks has finished her placement with us this week. We wish her lots of luck in her future teaching career.

We have really loved teaching you all this year and we hope to see you all back in school before the end of the summer term. Please keep in touch with us via twitter and email. We would love to keep poet of the day going. You can send us some short film clips of you reading poems and we will try and put them online. We can’t promise to share all of them. Please make sure that your films are around a minute or less in length and that your names are not mentioned or visible. You could also share some photos of what you are doing with your families. Keep an eye on both of our twitter accounts; you might see a few glimpses of Freddie and Barbara!

Mrs Easey and Mrs Kilpatrick

@nickyeasey @kilpatrickDeb28

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