Year 4 Learning Note- 28th Feb

This week… You all worked so hard to produce a fantastic set of Blitz poems; the language used in every one of them was so impressive. I was also delighted that every person in the class agreed to read their poem aloud to the rest of the class; so we all got to enjoy it. In maths we discovered how easy it is to multiply and divide by ten and by one hundred, using our place value knowledge. We had a great PE session on Monday, in which each group choreographed and performed a Bollywood-style routine. You all worked really well with each other. We have also researched the designs on WW2 military vehicles and experimented with mixing the correct colours in preparation for painting our own models.


Remember to take your reading record home with you each day, so that your parents can sign it if they hear or see you reading. Try to find opportunities to read aloud with expression. Also, please keep making a note of any words you don’t know the meaning of, in your reading records, ready for our Dictionary Detectives session on Friday. My favourite word this week was:

quagmire- a wet piece of land, which if you walk in, you'll sink.

This week we have been reading:

· The diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank (we are now reading an abridged version)


Well done for your hard work preparing for the big test last Monday. Here are the spellings that we have been practising this week. Please continue to practise them at home, ready for the spelling test on Monday:






Times Tables

In Magic Ten next week, we will begin to look at our 9 times tables, so if you are not fluent in these, please keep chanting them at home. Your homework is to practise whichever tables you need to focus on, either writing them out or using or if you prefer not to be timed.

Next week…

I will be out of class on Wednesday and on Thursday afternoon, so Miss Forster will be teaching you then. Next Thursday, we will be celebrating World Book Day with some special activities across the school. In English, we are going to be writing a formal letter to Mayfair Lodge, requesting a visit to find out more about World War 2 from the residents there. Whilst in maths, we will be looking at decimal numbers. We will also be constructing our military vehicles

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Barker, Mrs Trounce and Miss Forster

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