Year 6 Learning Note - 07/02/2020

This week…

In English, we’ve continued to explore formal language – we have written news bulletins, the start of scientific papers explaining the discovery of the ‘Yellow Spotted Lizard’ species and are now working towards writing a formal letter to the Judge to appeal Stanley’s sentence.

In maths, we spent a lesson been exploring coordinates in the 4 quadrants and reflections in the x and y-axis. The rest of the week has been spent on arithmetic and reasoning – particularly with a focus on ‘number’.

We’ve also spent time with Reception, teaching them how to make bird feeders and explored the story of Bletchley Park before having a go at being ‘Codebreakers’ in Computing.

Next week…

As above, in English, we’ll be working towards writing formal letters. In maths, we’re going to be spending time revisiting finding area and perimeter of triangles, quadrilaterals and compound shapes – as well as our usual arithmetic and reasoning practice. Library visit

It’s group threes turn to visit the Library next Tuesday. Please ensure the children bring their membership cards with them – CCu, Am, DH, HF, SP, UI, TW, OP, Cri and AB.


Over the weekend I will be looking at the children’s CGP books, these will be returned to them on Monday. Maths homework (in the ‘Targeted Question Book’) for next week is as follows:

Due Tuesday: Page 22

Due Wednesday: Page 23

Due Thursday: Page 24

Due Friday: Page 25

Spellings will be tested on Friday. Paper copies of the words to learn have been sent home with the children.

Additionally, please ensure that your child continues to read regularly at home and to practise their Times Tables. They may like to use or


We are actively promoting reading for pleasure this year and would like the children to take the opportunity to read as much as possible. Research suggests that there is just as much to be gained from parents reading to children as there is from having children read to adults. So, if you get the chance to, then please try to read as a family. Please write in your child’s reading record too.

This week we have been reading:

· Holes by Louis Sachar (class book)

· The Boy who sailed the Ocean in an Armchair by Lara Williamson (class book - Mrs Bridges)

· An Underground City (as part of our reading comprehension work)

Have a great weekend,

Mr Ritson and the Year Six team

Spellings homework

Throughout the year we have looked at both the LKS2 and UKS2 Word Lists. Next week you will be tested on twenty of these. You should know most of them, so focus on learning those you’re not sure of.





















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